Bee Patrol

Control your colony of bees by drawing flight paths, while pollinating flowers to keep them alive, and collecting nectar for your hive to make honey. Race against time, or try to survive! Bee Patrol is a combination of an action, puzzle, and strategy game.

Put yourself in control of creating flight paths for one of mother nature’s top aeronauts: bumble bees. Your mission is to flourish the colony. You can race against time, or fight for survival! Experience what it’s like to live a day in the life of these striped stingers. How good are you at managing to keep your bees and flowers alive?

Features & Highlights

  • Two modes: "Worker" for survival, or "Queen" for timed
  • Three worlds to explore with 9 levels each, and more to come!
  • OpenFeint and GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
  • Great graphics, music and sound effects

Use strategy and tactical decisions to wisely navigate your cast of colorful characters, in a race against the clock or battle for survival, to make honey, keep flowers blooming, and avoid obstacles. Explore the Marvelous Meadow, Impressive Island, or Majestic Mountain colony on your way to the top of the ranks.

Choose Your Bee!

Are you a hard worker or queen bee? Choose between “Worker” to fight for survival, or “Queen” to race against the clock!


Draw the flight path for your aeronauts carefully. It's your colony, so redraw or extend at your will.


Take your bee friends on a flighty adventure through the flowers, and collect as much nectar as you can.

Bee Careful!

Pesky spiders aim to intercept you on your way back to the hive. Not sweet! No worries though, drone bees are around to provide assistance.

Bee-ware the Elements!

Rain showers can really slow down your bees and wind currents will speed you up. Don't crash into your co-workers ahead or behind.

Awesome Scenery!

Choose from different colonies, each with many different flowers and levels. Where will your bees make their home?

Listen Up!

Play along to the sound of a jazzy version of Flight of The Bumblebee and listen to all the crisp sound effects, or play your own music within the game.

Bee the Best!

Unlock achievement and compete against your friends through OpenFeint or GameCenter to get higher scores.

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