Montgolfier: Finally a Foundation

About one month in, and there's finally a rough foundation to a game. The mechanics and physics of the environment and ballon feel correct (although difficult at times), there's a map from which to plan a journey, and the islands from the previous update are sprinkled with some biomass and, most importantly, resources to be collected into a cargo area then used when needed. Here's a collage of in-game screenshots.

You can watch a few minutes of unscripted and uncut footage of game-play. There's planning for a flight, some bad landings, some alternative plans as it were (e.g. things didn't go according to plan), and resource collection and use.

Much has transpired since the last update:

  • Started a map path planning feature

  • Sun and moon with phases

  • Animation of resource collection and use

  • Revamped some balloon graphics and shape

  • Gold and diamonds deposits for credits (pickup and immediately use for credits for now)

  • Added two varieties of bushes, these are just decoration

  • Added pine trees, less fuel but same weight as oak

  • Credits being tracked

  • Added several new resources: coal, gold, diamonds, loot, repair kits

  • Improved performance (2m tris to 100k) - Unity is terrible at outlining sprites

  • Improved day/night lighting

  • Spawn in the center most island

  • Map system with winds, markers for unexplored, visible where previously landed

  • Resource collection and cargo use (trees with mass and fuel)

  • Observer pattern refactoring

  • Added a velocity gauge, showing linear and angular components, likely damage

  • "Hard to read the wind" in the fog

  • Cargo class structures"

  • Initial cargo and resource assets and structure

  • Refactor input with "new" system

  • Tree generation

"Marketing" is not fun. I started posting, and making update media, and I've learned that this takes a lot of time. Although it takes time away from making progress on the game, it gives me some time to think about ideas, and to take a break from Unity.