Montgolfier: Islands

Another week of trial and error, and I have both some graphics and procedural generation of some islands. There's also now a hot air balloon user object, with better physics, a burner, and operating flap at the top of the balloon to dump lift. There are gauges better gauges for health, fuel, and lift. The lift bar is showing different zones that you'll need to manage. Check out a quick video of how this looks.

And the log of accomplishments:

  • Mockup some graphics

  • Initial island generation complete

  • Added water to the islands

  • New hot air balloon graphics and physics

  • Added mountains to the islands

  • Refactored gauges

  • Wasted a bunch of time on shaders

  • Added edge winds

  • Added multi-point wind physics on the user

I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get shaders to do what I wanted, only to later figure out that there was not instancing of properties for them. I wasted probably 4 hours, if not more, trying to use them for tinting sprites, but I gave up for now.