Montgolfier: Settlements

The islands are being settled ... Outposts are being built where merchants will be trading the loot you collect. And, folks are erecting new homes, so business will be booming to supply them with goods and services. Islands can have both houses and outposts, and each of these can have multiple levels, each of which will offer different things to do. While all the islands have a structure currently, this will be balanced out in the future. There will likely be 4 of each merchant type (for now those are Lumber, Ore, Scrap and Food), with 25% of islands have an outpost and 50% of islands have a house. Folks are already active, as you'll lights being turned on and off as the evening approach and as people wake up in the morning.

Here's a time lapse of seven different islands over 7 days and 7 nights. You can also see the moon phase go through its shift from full moon to crescent.

Some major and minor progress this round:

  • Procedural generation of buildings

  • Structures of outposts and houses assembly completed

  • Buildings have night lighting

There's also a small map feature in the works. You can click the wind velocity indicators in the map view to help you plan a path from one island to the next (or wherever you're planning on flying). For now, this just turns them a different color to visualize the route, but I'm planning on expanding it. Maybe it will be show the next waypoint in the instrument gauge so you have an idea where you are relative to your intended path.